Basic Strategy

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      Ok just some points that werent clear to me in the basic articles :

      2. How do you play a made hand?

      With two pair or better, your strategy is simple: you raise as often as you can. Your hand is very strong, so full speed ahead!

      So say i got KK on a Q Q 2 flop. Does this fit here or is it the over pair example where u wana bet or rasie exactly once?

      In the starting hands chart they have the situation on the oppoents action :

      One player raises. All other opponents fold

      Does this mean that all opponet who could have folded have folded ? I mean u could have players still to act after you who may call the raise.

      I read the first page of the bronze articles and it said that i should first pay alot with the basic strategy. How many hands do you reccomend and at what win rate should i look to ain for in say the .10/.20 game. Would just like to know when it would be prudent to read on.
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