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Half of my starting capital gone

    • tomthebom28
      Joined: 14.12.2008 Posts: 56
      I don't have a HUD, so i don't know exactly, but i've got the feeling i'm running -EV big time. I keep losing allins in which i have the opponent completely dominated. I think half my starting capital is gone due to bad beats only. That said, i've played a grand total of 8407 (i know the sample size sucks) hands and i need 3 times more points before i can cash out. Sure, i'm not a good player too, but i see people doing insane things, and they keep outflopping me. That's the problem. :f_cry: .

      :spade: I keep losing allins with AA and KK to lower pairs and hands like QJs( :s_mad: :f_mad: )
      :spade: People make -Ev calls against me and keep making gutshots and two pairs etc (people who river two pair with their 73s against my KK)
      :spade: My draws always get busted. Especially if i make a call because of implied odds.

      I think i'm going to note my preflop allins to see is its true i'm running like shit.

      That said, i did make one draw today. Happened to be a royal flush draw :s_biggrin:
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    • zzagozz
      Joined: 11.10.2009 Posts: 248
      Raise stronger with made hands. That way they will be losing much more EV and you'll regain your money. Raising too small or slowplaying too much is one of the most common mistakes.