Some stats issues with HM2

    • maheepsangari
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      I've noticed 2 problems with the way HM2 records 4-Bet stat and Donk Bet stat. I've given one example each to explain the situation. Is anyone else aware of this and has faced the same problem?

      Pre-flop lets say the MP open raises, CO 3-Bets and BU raises too, after the hand BU's raise isn't treated as a 4-Bet. It will only be treated as a 4-Bet if BU was the original raiser and raises someone else's 3-Bet.

      Lets say UTG open calls, CO raises everyone folds and UTG calls. Postflop if the UTG doesn't check and bets then this bet isn't treated as a donk bet. A donk bet is only treated if UTG open raises, CO 3-Bets and UTG calls and then UTG bets the flop.
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