I've been playing poker for years, I've had a bit of a long streak of no final table action must be like a year. I've placed plenty of times but no big money. Today I went through the poker strategy tutorials and it reminded me about a few basic principles in poker that I have always known but had let slip from time to time making my play become sloppy. I entered the free daily 100 euro poker strategy tourney right after completing the tutorials and after a few hours grind landed 3rd place with a decent payout for a freeroll 11 Euro's. by applying the basics and sticking too it. I would like to thank poker strategy for getting my game back into shape and the small bank roll i now have to play with. remember...

Pre-flop starting cards - play the good uns dont waste chips on junk (or chasing too many draws)

Postion is very important - especially against aggressive players

Be aggressive when you do play control the pot and protect your chips - money in the bank is better than getting drawn out to stronger hands

know when to give up, Apply bankroll management to your chip stack dont gamble too many of your hard earned chips you need to be able to bounce back if you do unfortunately loose a hand.

a little bit of luck also helps - avoiding those bad beats and donks that call your AA all in with 7,2 off or something equally pants and end up hitting two pair or better lol

may the flop be with you

peace and much love