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NL SH Professional by Sebra

    • Sebra
      Joined: 01.08.2006 Posts: 1,122
      When bluffing...

      .. puts you into bad spots. That's my topic for today's NL Platinum Coaching Review. I can't help myself to not try to outplay my opponents :)

      I missclicked preflop and just raised to 2.5x instead of 3.5x and he made a small reraise, so I decided to call. I flop nothing, but I decided that he can't withstand much heat and in case I have a nice backdoorflushdraw. On the turn, I get my flushdraw and it was close. If I check here, I would always face a big bet that I can't call. So question is, if I have enough foldequity here to push.
      Oh yeah and btw.. now I know that these midstakes grinders have huge betting tells.

      That was one of the most awesome hands I played during a coaching! ;) Raise gets called by a guy that calls out of the blinds a lot. Flop is dry and A-high, so a good board for him to try to make a move, I call, because I have a gutshot and he is bluffing, of course.
      Turn is another T, so a set of Ts is less likely, AT also less likely, very often he reraises a strong ace preflop, so he doesnt have AQ/AK, he might not check-raise AJ or worse on this flop or even if he does, he cant feel comfortable.
      So I decide to push, if I get called, I have some outs, very often he folds and if he calls, I have a monster image from there on!
      He folds and obviously I have to show him my cards! :)

      Same villain as before, but maybe an hour later in the coaching session. We battled a lot, I raised and reraised him, so question is, if I should valuebet the river. And I did because he might get super suspicious and call with any J or PP.
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