Usefulness of Notes?

    • BigAl123456
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      Hey All,

      I have been wondering about note takeing, on Ongame and on Party aswell I never take notes while I play, but I mark hands where I would take notes on Multi Tablers and make notes later on.

      I am just wondering tho about the usefullness of notes because I dont think I have ever hardley used the notes taken and it is quite time consumeing takeing notes.

      Here is an Example of notes I have taken on a Party Multi Tabler, because have only reviewd my hands less than 10 x on Ongame and I find it harder to mark hands there aswell.

      "Winning MT 5%> ROI <6000 Games

      $11S-SNG, Early Phase-Start hand with 31BBs, PFR 4.5xBB in CO with KQs after EP OL, 2Bet AI over 1/2 PSB on QJ2ss Fl with TPGK $11S-SNG30/60Bs,

      Start hand with 50BBs, Ch 952ss l with FD Vs SB in BB with J4s, CoC PSB on 6 T, 2Bet AI on Ks R with JHigh Flush Vs 1/2 PSB $11S-SNG20/40Bs,

      Start hand with 48BBs, 3.5xBB OPFR OTB with AJs/C 14BB 3Bet AI from SB $11S-SNG30/60Bs,

      Mid Phase-Start hand with 16BBs, OComplete SB Vs BB, ChF to 3/4 PSB on 1098R Fl $11S-SNG100/200Bs,

      Late Pahse-Start hand with just over 1BBs, On Buble with SS, OL in CO with A2s with less than 2BBs/CAI $11S-SNG400/800Bs,"

      So I guess my main question is do I need to bother labouring over note takeing so much?
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    • breena
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      I find them useful as was HUDless for a while on Cake

      I try to keep them short and mainly take down what hands they limp with what they are shoving/calling AI with

      How are they playing draws

      Also noting weather they are winning is helpful when confronted by a spazzy play

      Your notes do seem bit longwinded, you could shorten them alot I would say
    • savage1981
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      Yeah, these defintiely seem to long. You're probably gonna time out by the time you've read them.I agree that I hardly ever use my notes though, but making a note helps me store this fact in my head a little bit better if that makes sense.