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SCOOP-02-M: $215 nl hold'em - need URGENT HELP contacting PS staff

    • mavko
      Joined: 12.04.2007 Posts: 10
      Hi everyone,

      I need urgent help to contact PokerStars tournament department or anyone in the upper management that can actually make things happen and any help would be much appriciated (and well rewarded!)

      Short version: I was playing SCOOP 02 $215 (Tournament ID: 2012050022) and noticed I haven´t updated my account details. I updated my current address and had to update to and now I´m blocked and can´t continue the tournament. It will restart in 5 hours with 89 players left and $240k for the winner. PokerStars support does not recognize the issue and I get only default replies of no help. I´m considering suicide. If you have any contacts at PokerStars, please help me to contact them in order to resolve the issue!

      Long version:

      I am originally from Finland, and opened my PS account while I was living in Finland. From January 2011 to August 2011 I lived in Cyprus and updated my PS account details accordingly. I have since moved back to Finland and lived few months in Spain too, but never updated my account details (obviously my mistake). I´m now living permanently in Finland again, and while playing the tournament in question, I decided to finally update the account details and this is when things started going wrong.

      From Cyprus I was playing on, but now that I updated my address to Finland, PokerStars forced me to update to

      After the update I can´t play in the SCOOP tournament that is still running.

      I have been emailing back and forth with support but they don´t recognize the issue, I only get template replies. I feel I have no chance of resolving the issue with their 1st line support.

      The tournament resumes in 5 hours, I would appreciate if anyone here could help me get in touch with someone at either PokerStars Tournament Department or at Support Management so I can try to resolve the issue. Or if you know some1 at PokerStars, please give them the link to this thread and ask them to contact me in the email address or phone# I have listed in my account details. My PokerStars username is ST*****hulk, currently 40/89 in the tournament.

      If your contacts help me get back in the tournament, I will send $$$ at PokerStars!

      Thank you for any help you may provide!
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