internet poker players motivation

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      i play poker for the competitiveness and the desire to win, while of course i get enjoyment of of it also and i just generally love the game
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      Originally posted by pppppp555555
      I am writeing term paper about recreational players motivation in poker. Maybe someone could suggest some stuff based on reasearches or smth like that?
      Most poker authors write that they have no clue why recreational poker players play the game. At best they list a bunch of random reasons that may or may not be true.

      I would suggest you look at psychological studies on gambling and see if you can pull a few references that can apply to poker. Use from your university library(*) and search for things like "gambling motivation" and that. It seems there are tons of articles like that.

      * Note: If you do this from home you'll just run into tons of websites that want hundreds of dollars to show you articles. If you do it from your library then all of that stuff will be unlocked. If not figure out what the source of the article is and get help from the library staff. Universities have agreements with everyone and you can get amazing access to research papers if you are willing to do the leg work. (My apologies if you are in grad school because you probably already know all of this.)
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      Ty tokyoaces. That gave me starting point. :)