Also, What sort of hands would you classify as trouble hands preflop?

What I mean to say is, what hands appear strong but are quite difficult to play postflop. For example, I notice 3 card wraps with a suited broadway rarely hit the board hard enough to merit stacking off, as you are likely to be freerolled by 4 card wraps, or 4 card wraps with bottom or middle gap. Bigger flush draws can greatly affect your equity even when you hit, so i'm rarely happy with any boards :|

How would you tend to play hands like Q :heart: 6 :heart: 7 :diamond: 8 :club:

UTG - I fold here unless MP and BTN are tight

MP - I open it here if btn is tight

BTN - I open it here 100%.

BB - if BTN has a wide open range (over 50%) I call here. If folds to SB, i'm calling 100%.


How do you play disconnected low double pairs? I tend to fold them all if they are below 77 and have gaps (so 7788 is the lowest I tend to play).

I play them the same as above actually, but fold a bit more frequently in MP as I feel the postflop playability of this hand is pretty cruddy. Feels like a reverse implied odds type hand. You either hit and can't get value, or you are way behind/ they have plenty of outs.

I never 3bet double pairs unless:
- I have position
- I expect both pair cards to be in his 3bet calling range to create spots where he hits but I hit harder.


My aim is to plug as many preflop leaks as possible, so any insight would be great. If you were to analyse someone's database, what types of hands would you be looking at , apart from AA** and KK** and 4 card wraps?