Faster to learn on internet or live?

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      I was wondering what you guys think on which way is faster to learn poker. Playing online or playing live poker? I know you play much more hands on internet poker, however, in general the pots in live poker are larger and you are more focused because you only have one game to watch and only max 9 players to observe at the time.

      I for one, remember every important hand I have played in live poker. Like the big pots and the hands that got me eliminated from large tournaments and I think everyone of them helped me improve.

      I currently play SNGs around 6-10$ and NL10. I am considering maybe playing more live NL100 at local bars, which are about at the same play level as the level I play on internet.

      Neways I wanted to get your insight regarding learning poker by playing live.

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    • SPeedFANat1c
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      From the internet you will learn faster, on internet games are tougher, also you play much more hands during the same amount of time.

      Also you can easily analize your hand database, which you cannot do playing live.

      But if you will not study, you will not learn neither by playing on internet, nor live.
    • pleno1
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      I think that devleopment online is alot quicker than offline for a few reasons. Firstly obviously you play more hands so your experience is quicker. e.g I have probably played as many hands in one day as Doyle Brunson has in certain years.

      Secondly, when you play live and you want to analyse a hand its alot harder than online, its hard to know exact stack sizes and sometimes you even forget what cards came down. Online you can easily see your hand history and if you still want to learn you can copy it online to our hand evaluation forums and talk to our experts rather than at the pub where you nudge the smelly guy and ask him what he thinks about your depolarized 3betting range vs the guy in the Adidas hoodie.

      Right now I can't think of many reasons why playing offline would speed up your development as a poker player but I find the subject interesting so will have a think and let you know :)
    • joeldowey123
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      I think online would be quicker, but thats not to say that you wont learn a lot of stuff from live that may be neglected playing online

      patience is definitely required playing live whereas online you can just open up another table or two.

      Working things out for yourself rather than replying on a HUD

      Picking up things from players, whether they are tells or whatever. It all helps
    • booger6o4
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      Honestly a mixture of both would be ideal.

      Online helped me pick up basics extremely quick.
      Live helped me think more advanced because I am only focusing 1 table at a time.