[Application] scoop 12 m

    • Targetme
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      Took a few days off since some big wins last week but time to get back in it.
      Im playing the plo 215 hu regardless its gonna be hands down the softest medium field of scoop and under 6-800 players so my best shot at one.

      Reasons its so soft is there is not too many omaha hu/sng regs in the world (I used to be one of them) but their is alot of gamblers. Also since its scoop ALOT OF PLAY

      Cant really prove my ownage of such an uncommon game so you will have to trust me and take a gamble.

      Doubt ill sell out on such short notice so bring it.

      1%= 2.15$ no markup

      movin.target on stars ship before 11am est (13.45 hours)
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