[NL2-NL10] Truelly wrong play or actually bad luck?

    • VaudChespeldt
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      Ok, I've been reading some of the articles around here and after playing a couple of months trying on my own I decided to go play by the rules of the SSS. Today I played on a NL0.10/0.25 table and was up $13,-. I had $9 on the table (little bit more than told but I couldn't book it back). Not really important tough, my question is the following. I'm in first late position and get AQ-offsuit and middle early position raises to $1, I flat call. Nobody else stays in the hand...On the flop I hit AQ9 and get a bet from $1 dollar from my opponent, I raise to $3 and get called. Turn brings a K and I push all-in after another $1 bet. I get called the river brings a 10 and he shows KJ, straight I lose....

      Any comments?

      PS. My first time posting such a story and haven't figured out those softwarestuff yet, so it might be a little vague, I'm sorry:)
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    • Chiller3k
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      Hi VaudChespeldt,
      I really think you should read the articles again and stick to the strategy!!
      as you can see here, AQ is a fold after a raise in front of you!

      Best regards,
    • ForTexi
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      But after the flop the play isn't so bad imo?
    • HennieP
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      I would say that you should have played it slower after the flop. Check or call small bets until the river. Too many hands have you dominated after the turn. If you played it slow until the river it would have been an easy fold when that big bet came.
    • chenny8888
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      postflop seems ok, but you should follow the strategy laid out by the site. because typically beginners will post the "last straw" hand, usually consisting of some horrible badbeat inflicted on them. while they lose the other 9/10 of their bankroll playing horribly.