[NL2-NL10] Truelly wrong play or actually bad luck?

    • VaudChespeldt
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      Ok, I've been reading some of the articles around here and after playing a couple of months trying on my own I decided to go play by the rules of the SSS. Today I played on a NL0.10/0.25 table and was up $13,-. I had $9 on the table (little bit more than told but I couldn't book it back). Not really important tough, my question is the following. I'm in first late position and get AQ-offsuit and middle early position raises to $1, I flat call. Nobody else stays in the hand...On the flop I hit AQ9 and get a bet from $1 dollar from my opponent, I raise to $3 and get called. Turn brings a K and I push all-in after another $1 bet. I get called the river brings a 10 and he shows KJ, straight I lose....

      Any comments?

      PS. My first time posting such a story and haven't figured out those softwarestuff yet, so it might be a little vague, I'm sorry:)
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