Tactics against people who....

    • erob60
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      Well, the type of opponent is that which will call with anything, but not invest much money with anything.

      Say you raise with a jamming hand such as AK, one or two Mr.CalllWithAnything's enter the pot and you get a boards like 268 (which seems to happen an enormous amount of the time when you have only A high).

      Now on any occasion whereby a high card surfaces (AK or Q), they'll drop their cards instantly, but anywhere else, they'll insist on calling anything and then proceding to make to make teensy probe bets resulting in an eventual proper bet on the river, but this bet could mean anything - total bluff or bottom pair bottom kicker.

      Yes, people value bet bottom pair, bottom kicker on the river when in position and it has been checked to them...or is it supposed to be a bluff bet? I can't tell, but it could be either, since I've made the calldown in each situation. (And of course, I never see anyone again twice unless they're playing a standard strategy, making them somewhat more predictable).

      Okay, so you raise with high cards, completely miss the flop, but any person playing rationally would also have missed such a flop, but you know the person you're in the pot with will call at least one bet if not two regardless of what they have, or make tiny bets if you check, followed by a large raise or bet on the river.

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    • ehkayforty7
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      check/fold is the best option imo.

      of course, now and then a check/raise is going to take down the pot.

      if not, don't be afraid to fire 2 or 3 shells at it.

      it's all about the timing, really. if you think you have a good read on your opponents then a check/raise or a couple shells is a great idea, but if you don't know much about the opponents then check/fold is always the way to go.

      that's my 2 cents anyhow...
    • vermoont
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      So what your saying is that your playing alot of pots where when you do hit something everyone folds and when you miss everyone doesnt?
      O.K three things to say (I had this exact problem)
      1.) A lot of the hands where everyone just folded to your bet you'l forget, its a mind thing, but you will remember the gross call someone made will pair of deuces the whole way through. So remember its prob not as bad as you think it is
      2.) Do you have a program like poker tracker where you can replay hands? Cuz I think that there is a very high chance that your betting pattern might be what is making people call or fold. Maybe you betting too low or too high (making it look suspicious, there are alot of heros out there). so if you can go over your hands and try bet differently.
      If you have a hand like ak, you bet into a calling station who calls, the board comes something like 5 10 8 (realllly bad texture) you bet in anycase to see where you stand, lets say 3/4ths of the pot and get called, provided the turn isnt an ace or king just check fold, cuz ur prob way behind
    • erob60
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      I wasn't referring to people folding when you have it, just folding anytime its likely that you have it. Since we're only playing high cards, then unless we have a pair, we missed a low card board.

      But they probably missed and its pretty likely that we have the best hand based on high card value alone, however, you KNOW that the player is not letting go of the hand for at least the flop bet and possibly beyond regardless of whether or not they have anything, since thats what they're doing every hand.