Not sure what's going on with my game! (sng, was $5 now $1... that's how bad it's gone!)

Have not changed my play vp has not changed.
Sticking within a %or two of ICM.

Games always run the same way.

Early phase I pick off a fish and double up.

Mid phase I playTAG and get up to 4.5K

Late phase everything goes hay-wire and I end up 4th or 3rd!

The main area I seem to be stuggling is races!

I'm winning 50% but it seems to be the wrong 50%.

By this I mean that I have only won 25% of flips from 4thplace for over 200 games!
If I have to race early phase I seem to win about 75%... Trouble is I'm getting stung at the business end and keep going from chip leader to short stack.

Also my pre flop 80%+ races stands at 60% from the last 20!
Variance is a bitch!....... Rant over