2nd barrel - 3d barrel (NL100)

    • DeLau
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      Hi guys,

      I recently switched to NL100 and to other pokerroom (with better regs and fish). I am struggling a bit with when to fire multiple barrels. I feel like it 's really hard to estimate what people will fold. Today, I fired 3 barrels in 3bet pot on 753-7-3 board vs reg w A4. I know that turn and river are really bad to bluff. But I figured that regs at NL100 will know this and thus be able to fold 88-TT. Am I just leveling myself here?
      Other time, I barreled turn and river on A turn and blank river and got called by TT (on J83-A-5 board).

      Any help is much appreciated!

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    • EmanuelC16
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      Best advice I can give you is to start by assuming people don't fold hands.

      When you get a read they are super nitty postflop you can make your play, but against your average NL100 and even NL200 player I think it's bad for 2 reasons:

      1. Nobody like folding a hand, at any limits.
      2. You might underestimate how spewy your image is to some.

      If you get good scare cards it's another story, but representing KK+ when opponent has an overpair won't get many folds.