Any success?

    • sokoi
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      Just tossing it out there and curious.. Has anyone had any success grinding it out at lower stakes as in the micros. I haven't been on-line for quite some time now, i'd say over a year now and I've recently accepted a party poker bonus cash of $10 and thought I'd try make a run at it. The biggest problem I'd say is finding the time to play on a regular basis considering I've changed jobs in the past year (another reason no time for poker) but I was just wondering has anyone ever been or had any success building up their bankroll starting from the bottom of the barrel?

      Thanks for those that read or comment in advance. I've always found this site to be very informative and consistantly read the the material provided to help my game. on-line and or at local home games.

      I've also switched to a mac which I'm disappointed HM is not supported... I think I might have to try and get my old PC up and running. Any suggestions out there for mac users?

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    • gadget51
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      HI sokoi, Sorry I can't help on the Mac front, but I'm sure our marvelously informative members can help out there.

      As for bankroll building, our esteemed coach 'grummeler' is presently engaged in bankroll building for people whoi have normal lives, like relationships and work and pets etc. - his description not mine - and he has started at micro stakes.

      I have been playing a few years now and have never deposited. I started in freerolls and have built [and spent :( ] 4 bankrolls now. I am currently building a fifth. So I suppose my esperiences count as successes but sometimes it certainly doesn't feel like that! :rolleyes:

      I mainly play nl4, both full ring and 6 max, but PLO4 is very lucrative as well. Throw in a few loyalty MTTs and the odd double up sit n go and I suppose I have won a few thousands by now, the exact amount eludes me though.

      I hope you get that Mac issue sorted out soon and have fun.

    • Tomaloc
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      shameless self-promotion :f_biggrin: Freerolling fish - bankrollbuilding from $50
      currently at $240 (also i should update, but i'm lazy now)

      i'm pretty sure many people have already done the same (and much better ofc)
      i'd guess that even if you don't have the time it should be fun to nurture a bankroll. you shouldn't have many issues if you follow reasonable BRM, things will go slowly but surely.
    • Krishjanis
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      Apple OS instead of Windows
    • RasTweet
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      Hi Sokoi!

      My first free $50 was on Fulltilt :facepalm: I was able to build it up to about $180 but then FT went down :(

      I got my second free $50 on party (but moved it to 888poker after clearing the bonus). I managed to build it up to $250 now, it was $350 2 weeks ago or so. but yeah I think it's possible!

      I also remember that Chris Ferguson once went from $0 to $10.000.

      Krishjanis gave you a link regarding using Mac to play poker. I also replied in that thread but I'll tell you in here as well what I do to play poker on my mac.

      I have a macbook pro. I could use PT3 and Party to play, but I play on 888poker and use HEM2. So I installed parallels, installed windows XP on Parallels and on Windows XP I play poker. My macbook has no problems to run mac os and xp at the same time. If you want 'a demonstration' and want to see how this all works add me in community tool and I'll show you how this all works!

    • booomm
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      Originally posted by RasTweet
      I also remember that Chris Ferguson once went from $0 to $10.000.
      actually he continued his challenge and went to 100K.
    • kidzoltan
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      I built my bankroll form 40 cents which I won at a freeroll, after losing my 50$ starting capital. So, it's possible :)