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i suck @ poker

    • danbassin
      Joined: 13.05.2012 Posts: 1

      my names dan, I suck at poker. Over past 5 or 6 years Ive had some minor successes. I won one of the 180 man non turbos $22 on stars a few years back, but on the whole Im a losing player.

      I need some coaching so ill head on over to the private coaching section, but if anyones reading this, Im looking for some coaching on the turbo 180 mans from a specialist with proven track record!
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    • ExternalUseOnly
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,373
      Hey danbassin,

      You want to learn how to crush 180man games? Well you've made a good start coming here to

      First of all the variance in 180 man Sit and Go games is siiiick so you need to be following a pretty good bankroll management to make sure you never go bust, people who play these games as their main game will probably suggest having 100-200 buy-ins in your account for the limit you want to play because you can find yourself going for 50, 70 or even more games without a notable cash and when you get one that doesn't guarantee that the next one is gonna come straight away.

      Second of all, you need to put in a lot of volume of games to know how well you are doing as i said before a good player can go for a lot of games without cashing or just cashing for small amounts and in turn this means you can go for periods of hundreds of games as breakeven or even losing before your results pick up so you really need to play thousands of games before you know where you stand.

      Also you said you are a losing player overall, so going straight to the private coaching section probably won't benefit you much. Private coachings can cost A LOT of money and spending that kind of money on a coach could be better used as Buy-Ins for games at your stage in your journey. The best place to start is in the articles since you only have a basic account at the minute there aren't many i can suggest to you but you can start with:

      Sit n Go, Tournament Basics

      Have you taken the quiz already to receive the $50 starting capital? Once you have the $50 you instantly upgrade from basic to bronze, which will then open up a whole new world of information to you. If you don't want to take the quiz there are some more free bankroll offers, that you don't need to take the quiz for, here:

      Start playing poker for free

      Again once you start generating Strategy Points you will upgrade to bronze. Another option if you were looking to deposit yourself and use a first deposit bonus then check out this:

      Our partner poker rooms

      Worst case scenario is that you have accounts at all of these rooms already but if you have then hope is not completely lost because you can still get a bronze+ account by purchasing a status in our store:

      Points Store

      So yeah there are lots of ways you can upgrade here at and unlock all the higher articles as well as videos putting the articles into practical use, FREE live coachings from our professional coaches and hand evaluations to help you spot where you are going wrong in your games.

      Thanks for dropping by, hope you stick around for a bit and we see you crushing those 180's soon. Let me know if you want any further info on anything,

      All the best,
    • MasterKyodai
      Joined: 10.05.2012 Posts: 25
      Hi there!


      And welcome to the forums. The main strategy you will find in the beginner section is kinda "universal", it means you can use it for every sit-n-go.

      However, most important thing is a bankroll management and getting used to the strategy. So make sure you dont burn through your whole money in a few minutes but read first, at least for me that really helped a lot.

      Also my personal tip - you played the 180 men sit-n-go (at least i think they are sit-n-go, never been to stars myself) and of course you wanna master it as you are used to it and like it. But keep in mind there are other rooms and other tournaments as well. I generally play on several rooms and while i would always recommend all free tournaments on all rooms (Free buy in means nuttin to lose, so why not) i would say to get familiar with the strategy and train a bit i recommend low buy-in games with no rebuy, like the 2 cent sit-n-go at 888 poker or so. Can play ages with such a low buy-in so for testing purposes these dun burn through your bankroll and you just get much more confidence playing a few hundred of these. Otherwise you should spend much time with someone coaching you if you don't want to be on your own, but keep in mind that depending on your time zone not everyone is always on when you are, so try to nether be too picky or impatient. And good luck and i hope your bankroll soon doubles like every day. :]