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From £31 starting capital to £71

    • jr1ctx
      Joined: 10.04.2012 Posts: 17

      I am James and I joined the PokerStrategy last Saturday on 5th May.

      I read the articles and passed the quiz and I am very grateful and excited to receive my $50 or £31 Bonus. I would like to thank you ALL. =D.

      I started playing with my £31 BR and applied most techniques mentioned in articles for quiz at micro stakes and have managed to brought it up to £80, but lost £9 today by stupid play, so now I am sitting on £71.

      I must confess, I lost because I "re-re-raised" with QQ.. lost to KK

      Similarly, Played AJ out of position ... Lost big when Villain flipped AK...

      and a situation where I was raised pre-flop, got re-raised, re-raised, re-raised... and it came to my turn again .. I had KK.... I went ALL-IN.... facing TT, AA, QQ... board makes SET OF QQQ.. and one guy with BAD odds won...

      I lost £4.66 with those KK but I was smiling.... because its Poker.. and infact I was feeling bad for guy with AA.

      Ok... a bit about myself..

      I have one more year left studying Engineering at University of Brighton, I really enjoy poker and I want to become really good at it and perhaps so good as to label it as a 2nd job.

      I read about this guy 2 weeks ago in news.. he started playing at age 15 and had won $1.4 million just in tourney winnings by 18. This 18yo guy said, dont play... lot of losers and very few success stories...

      I want to ask you guys, Is it too much to ask, Can I be really good at this?... Sometimes I feel excited, and thnk, wow! I can really be good at this game...

      but when I play like a brain dead moron donkey and make stupid calls, raises which I know I should'nt... I feel very bad and low .. as If I am really retarded and not listening to advice...

      I apologize for looooong post... I just said what I felt like

      Thank you and hopefully If all goes well, I will be talking to you guys a lot and seeking advice =D
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    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Hi jr1ctx!

      Welcome to the English community!

      Very nice post, I must say.

      Wel done with doubling your bankroll! And don't worry about losing those hands, it happens from time to time. The AJ might be bad play but KK is always +EV all in pre. I do have 1 question though: what limits do you play on? Because you lost 9pounds in just 2 or 3 hands. Looks like you play on too high limits. It might be a good idea to read a bit about bankroll management.

      You ask if you can get really good at Poker and my answer would be "Yes you can". BUT it is hard, very hard in fact! You will have to work hard and it will take years probably to turn into a poker pro! But if thats your goal, just go for it and study hard an who knows one day you are a pro!

      The best way of starting of your poker career is probably starting off with our No Limit beginners Course. During this course you will learn the basics of poker and you should be able to beat the micro's after finishing the course.

      If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

    • jr1ctx
      Joined: 10.04.2012 Posts: 17
      Hi RasTweet,

      Thanks for your welcome and Kind reassurance.

      I am playing Euro 0.02/0.04 No-limit Cash.

      I lost £9 pound in a session on multiple-tables earlier today, where I was playing with 4 Euro Buy-in on three tables. It was not in just one hand,

      However.... I am very ashamed to say...

      I just recovered all that I lost today 11 Euro and made a SILLY SILLY SILLY RUSH CLICK... and lost 10 Euro again... and got my AA ravaged... Because I slow played them against somebody holding 22... giving him a set on the flop.

      Again deviated from the strategy and paid the price.. [due to lack of concentration and greed]

      I will be working hard... I just looked at the No Limit beginners course and I am starting studying tonight, you will see my graduation badge! =D.
    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Hey James!

      Well it does like you are playing a little bit above your BR. Well there is no real rule regarding to bankroll management, just guidelines. When you just start of with poker it's best to stick to the 25BI rule. This means you need at least 25Buy ins for a limit to play on it. For you it would be 25 x €4 = €100 which equals to roundabout £80.

      Some ppl do say you can play with a more aggressive approach, but I don't really recommend it because for beginners the best thing is to be careful in the beginning.

      And GOOD luck with the beginners course! I did it myself as you can see (my badge!) If you take it serious it shouldn't be that hard to pass the final exam.

      best of luck on the tables!

    • MasterKyodai
      Joined: 10.05.2012 Posts: 25
      Hi there and welcome to the forums. I am a beginner myself, so don't expect too much from me. :P

      What i already learned is however that some good articles about bankroll management and "tilt" should be read, i fell for it too, but after trying to get as close as possible to the charts for a super-noob like me i already turned my lossy games into a slowly growing bankroll.

      You prolly heard it before - but my mini advise - before you reach for the stars gain some experience. These 2 cent buy-in SNG are REALLY effective for just trying out things and getting used to the guidelines (You can bend them, but in the end the closer you keep them the better the chances your bankroll will increase in the long run. Also took me some money to realize this is true...)

      Take your time. Don't tilt and throw all your money into some tournaments where you play with "emotions in your bag". The more you read here, the more time you spend here the better you become and soon you will have a smile on your face when you see these noobs go all-in at your favorite room and you just follow the strategy and fold while watching more and more people getting out of your way in that tournament.

      It's sometimes hard to control yourself, at least for me it was. I was often like "Screw the strategy, i know that guy is bluffing" and sometimes i won sometimes i lost. It takes MUCH experience and self control to fold when you are a beginner, especially if you played without a strategy before, you will often think like "I can win with this hand". In the long run it pays out to play the strategy "like a robot" as it's all math that may let you lose in 10 games to bad luck and in the end your bankroll still increases.

      Just always keep in mind - for just ONE game or tournament some idiot with luck can win. In the long run over years only the guy following can win. I'm not saying you'll be the one who will win 2 million bucks soon, but i say if you take it serious and follow the strategy you learn at this website you will slowly work your way up, in the long run from like 71 pounds to 150, then to 300, then to 1000 and later on maybe you have the lil bit o luck it takes and win a satellite to the WSOP where you can win millions. At the end of the day the guy winning the wsop needs a little bit of luck, but the guy who has his bankroll increasing every week is just following the rules.

      If you wanna get the best out of here, then search for someone teaching you. Some very nice gentlemen around here will be your guide for free and you can only learn! If you can then open your mind and be willing to learn from others. Not like you'll lose much if you do.
    • jr1ctx
      Joined: 10.04.2012 Posts: 17
      Thanks RasTweet & MasterKyodai,

      MasterKyodai, I am studying the beginners course at the moment and as you suggested, I will try my best to stick close to the charts and follow the guidelines.

      There have been times as you said, "screw the strategy, I know I am on top here" and I have lost by acted like an idiot. I am now really trying to concentrate and make right play at the right time and with right BRM. Yesterday I lost KK's against QQ's all in, they villain sucked out on me by flopping a set of QQQ'S on the flop.

      and problem is it was funny for me and I didnt even feel bad haha, also because I knew that I played right and just the other guy got lucky.

      Thats very good advice you gave, "Look for someone to mentor you" I will be looking for someone and hopefully they will be kind enough to mentor me.

      Thanks again =D