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Ambitious SNE Dreams, and questions.

    • Vip3rNZ
      Joined: 11.11.2011 Posts: 340
      So, about Supernova Elite at pokerstars, i've been doing some calculations with their vpp calculator and it seems to me please correct me if i'm wrong but it says to achieve supernova elite at 100nl one would have to play about 9600 hands a day average over the whole year.

      With the bonuses for Supernova Elite this would gain you a net of $100,000 working out to be around $2000/week or $2000/70k hands or $1/35 hands

      How hard is it to lose less then $1 per 35 hands?

      Considering I have only played 24 2nl tables winning over 100 buyins and fairly recently moved to 5nl and play 16-24 tables ( easily playing 10k a day )
      and i'm up around 10 buyins so far at nl5 also.

      Doesn't seem to hard to achieve this, or maby i am missing something? is 100nl so much harder that i would go from winning player to losing more then -3bb or -4bb/100??
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    • MatejM47
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 1,193
      You cant really compare nl5 to nl100. There's no regs at micro's. Everyone half decent will move up so nl5 is 99% fishes and fish regs starting out that have a little more idea then the fishes do. On nl100 you have many regs that play for a living and pretty much every reg that made his way up to nl100 must have a pretty good idea of what his doing.

      Don't go for SNE being a losing player. That will open you up for some massive downswings and you might go busto waiting for the next 4k bonus. You also seem to think that putting in 10k hands a day for 365 days in a row is easy. You have to consider that at some point you will run worse then you thought possible and while your stuck 50BI's it gets way harder to put in volume then it is now when your up 100BI's.

      You also have to consider you won't be able to play every single day unless you have no life and the calculator is wrong anymore since they switched to weighted/contributed rake system. Basically if your nitting it up a lot you might be generating only 50% of what an average player does and will in fact have to play 20k hands a day.

      Obviously your not going for it now so you do have 7 months left to grind it up to nl100 by november or something then try grinding 10k hands a day for a month or two and see how it goes and how many VPP's per hand your actually getting and how much will you have to play with your style. You will also get a 300k hands sample size to see if you can be at least breakeven.
    • Vip3rNZ
      Joined: 11.11.2011 Posts: 340
      Thank You good sir you have been VERY helpful! you've obviously put alot of thought and research into this aswell? Obviously alot more then me and are obviously a much more experienced player.

      Yeah I do still have 7 months to work out my strategy for the year of SNE if i plan to try for it and grind up the minimum 5k bankroll I will need to have a half decent shot and do alot more research about hands/day and month also vpp/hand and prove some winrates before i have a shot at it.

      I can always just go for a sick year at nl25 or nl50 next year even if i dont make SNE i'd surely make regular Supernova and still a ton maby 10-50k in bonuses. :D

      I just wana really try for some kinda 1 year plan next year. :f_cool: