Just had a bit of a startling discovery.

First off my overall stats from the blinds are better than average over a large sample.

But today I noticed that blinds vs BU/CO im doing badly (losing 15bb/100 SB and 75bb/100 BB)

Then I realized that alot of this is folding to steals so I added the VPIP = yes filter and now im winning massively (214bb/100 SB and 84bb/10BB)

Same with my BBvsSB opens - Im losing 38bb/100 overall but winning 113bb/100 with VPIP = True

This really shocked me, sounds obvious but surely this means I should be playing more from the blinds (I am pretty tight in this spot at the moment)?

I think im probably too tight OOP, defending only around 15/20% (calls/ 3bets)f the time vs LP, BBvSB im ok with I think, defending around 30%

what is a good range to be defending vs a Tag LP steal of say 25/30% CO and 30/50% BU