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    • prime333
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      Hey guys I'm going to Veges for my first time I'm a total noob. I'm just wondering if any of you vets know what is the best hotel to go if you wanna play NL hold'em. Also how much does it cost to enter a tournament is 60 bucks enough? How much do tournaments cost (cheap tournaments)?
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    • mute20
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      First search result on Google turned up with this
    • pleno1
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      A very nice guy called Mark Herron from Blonde Poker made this post that is amazing for Vegas information

      Basic Lowdown on resorts

      The cheapovegas site is handy to get a look at each resort, what they offer etc.

      Here are maps of the 2 main areas of interest to the tourists.


      The Strip

      There is a map for offstrip too but you can't check out any of the properties on the site only see where they are in relation to others.


      You can't get there unless you've got a flight so here are a few options for getting out there.


      Virgin now fly from Manchester and Gatwick so giving an ideal point for you guys way oop there to fly direct too.

      London Gatwick - Vegas are daily as below


      1640pm-1030am (overnight flight)

      Manchester - Vegas flights are Thursday and Sunday at the times below


      1820pm-1205pm (overnight flight)

      From Gatwick the 22nd June is the last flight at the 700 mark and from the 23rd prices go up to over 900. I'm guessing this is to do with Summer peak rates.

      If you book the 22nd flight out let me know and hopefully you can hop on the raspberry express through immigration like Austin, Scooby and BB did the year before last

      From Manchester flights are currently £870 flying before the 24th June and £1140-60 at any point after which is frustrating but I guess they can do so when they have the monopoly out of that airport.

      British Airways

      BA also run a daily direct service from Heathrow with a more poker player orientated flight time. I flew with them last year and thanks to Tony got an upgrade to Prem Ec which was nice. On the whole there isn't much between the 2 carriers though I think the food with Virgin was better if there is such a thing with airplane food

      It gives you almost an extra day in Vegas as you don't have to leave for the airport until 6pm at the earliest. The downside is that's when the fun normally starts


      2045pm-1430pm (overnight flight)

      Had a look at flights and they're currently following much the same lines as Virgin on the dates for price. Nothing much to be gained either way and just a choice of which flight fits best for yourself due to airport/times etc.

      Thomas Cook also have an Airtours flight out of Manchester also direct which goes Wednesdays only at times listed below.


      1420pm-0815am (overnight flight)

      For indirect flights it's easy to just hit skyscanner as below for the best prices (I don't know if there are any discount/deals sites other than that)

      Flights and Packages

      Will give you the best price on flights available in different varieties, both direct and with stops as filtered by you. Easy to use and will make sure you don't see yourself off with price.

      You can often find a good value 'Flight & Hotel' package using the above two sites. I generally book separately myself as I like to split my trip between hotels. That said you can book a hotel for only part of the trip with Expedia.

      ESTA Travel Authorisation

      Everyone who goes to the states now needs to fill in an ESTA travel authorisation prior to going. The cost is now approx $14 through the official site and link below so you can't get tucked up by the fraudulent ones all over the net.

      Visa forms are gone on flights now so we only have to fill in the customs ones that everyone does.

      Regardless we have to do the ESTA so here is the link


      I've stayed most of the strip hotels for varying periods between a couple days and a few weeks so have an idea about most. I can only give you my thoughts and obviously this will depend on the individual as one mans trash is another mans treasure

      Harrahs own the majority of the strip and have hotels at every budget level. I've stayed at several and for people who are sticklers for resort fees they charge none.

      You also will not find their rooms any cheaper on an outside website and if you do they'll match it. I've listed their properties in price order generally.

      Rio (off strip)
      Planet Hollywood

      I've stayed at IP, Harrahs, Rio, Ballys, PHo and Caesars

      IP is one of my favourite casinos to drink in or play hammered for laughs, I only stayed there once and whilst I wouldn't again it's very cheap. If you think Premier Inn and paying the same price for the best location on the strip you're somewhere close.

      Harrahs I only stayed at once for one night so didn't get to see much of the casino, Carnaval Court is great fun when you're strip crawling, or drink driving a scooter as the case maybe and again location is good.

      Rio is out of the way so not really worth considering unless you're grinding the WSOP imo.

      Ballys is again ideal, the rooms are very big and you're opposite the Bellagio so great location once again. You're paying a little more though and the casino isn't all that for action so only if the price is right for me.

      Planet Hollywood is the perfect party casino, lively with lots of scantily dressed women poledancing or even dealing. A little more expensive but if you're sharing it's not all that bad and you have one of the liveliest resorts on the strip.

      Rooms are good quality with big bathrooms and the only downside I would say is they can be a little dark. When you're only there to sleep it's hardly a dealbreaker though and the food choices are good.

      Caesars Palace  is the flagship property and I stayed there for a week in 2009 in the Augustus Tower. Rooms in the Augustus are very nice and I believe both Palace & the new Octavius are of similar quality.

      Nice property but is a bit aloof for what it is, kind of thinks it's on a par with the Wynn/Palazzo/Bellagio when it's not really on that level. I have noticed that it's pricing is way over what it should be for the property it is imo.

      My fave resort is Palazzo, love the rooms in Palazzo and the restaurants are incredible. Some people don't like the casino as much but I don't punt on table games all that much so it's all the same to me.

      Wynn is  great and you wake up feeling like a lottery winner in that place... The only trouble is to stay there you also need to be one :D
      I was only there on Ladbrokes package and wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise, still was a nice experience as a one off :)

      You also have the Cosmopolitan which hasn't been open long for the higher end market too. Of late it's been getting some bad press on the customer service side of things which is inevitable I'm guessing when the numbers coming through are as high as in Vegas.

      Bellagio is a nut property as well and they're just in the process of remodeling all their rooms to get them up to date. The videos on youtube look pretty nice and  the apparent Jersey Shore invasion of clientele at the Wynn probably won't have done it any harm in the eyes of those looking for a more relaxed Vegas experience.

      Some sites you can use to book your hotels, obviously you can use Expedia, Moneybookers etc. for hotels only too as well.

      Those are a couple but on the whole I think your best bet is to go to Smartervegas or Fatwallet and look up the deals.

      Smartervegas really is the business and by entering the date you want a hotel from it will bring up all promos available to you in each hotel at the time.

      Best bet is to check the hotel website for the price and then match it against it once you have gone through smartervegas to see how much you save.

      Fatwallet isn't as busy for promos but occasionally it chucks up a beauty so is worth checking.

      Another alternative if you like a punt is priceline where you can put an offer in on a room at a * level you like and see what you get.

      Not something I'd do as I like to know where I'm going before I book, for those that want to start the gambling early you can save some money.

      Average cost of a trip

      I would say that for each week you are spending in Vegas I would allow £500 for food and drink. This gives you a couple nice meals a week, few nights on the pi55 and other incidental costs.

      A hotel can cost you from £250 approx for the Imperial Palace, to £1000 approx for the Wynn

      Poker money required is all down to the individual, you need as much as is required to play the tournament/ring games you wish to play.

      There are tournaments and cash games for every bankroll up and down the strip, so it's never gonna be a problem to get a game!

      Capping off I would say that for a week in Vegas you are looking at costs of:

      £500-700+ Flight

      From £300+ centre strip hotel halved if sharing

      £500 food and incidentals money you may find you have some left over and is all dependent on where you're eating/drinking.

      £xxx hookers and blow

      It's really hard to gauge exactly what it would cost to get out there and do what you want. I'd say it's all down to the individual and what they want to be doing. I will say it's not the place to be when you're skint, I was the tail end of my 2 months in 2008 and ate Panda Express most days :(

      You can have fun for not a lot of money and also you can spend whatever you like if you want to as well. The city that caters for everything at every price level!!

      Cheap Bites

      Ellis Island: One block off the strip (Behind Ballys I believe). Basically it does steaks/bbq pizzas and all similar types of stuff. They have a steak special for $7.99 which includes sides, potatoes and a beer. The Microbrewery sells draughts at $1.75 a pop too WHACK!

      Food courts: There are food courts all over Vegas with a
      variety of foods available. Chinese, Burgers, Mexican, Pizza and just about anything else. Situated both in casinos and along the strip.

      Peppermill Lounge: Another diner on the strip located near to the Wynn. Big portions and open 24hrs I'm pretty sure.

      Grand Lux Cafe: The nut low price food venue!! They have one of these in both the Palazzo and Venetian. Lots of variety and big portions.

      Hash House A GoGo: Diner style place located in the IP big portions not big prices.

      Earl of Sandwich Rolls/Sandwiches etc. most importantly drunks are persona grata and 24hrs (inside Planet Hollywood)

      All budget stuff that's an option and I know there is an abundance of food knowledge about Vegas on Blonde anyway for the higher end :)


      Spreadsheet of all 2012 Festivals


      Binions Classic

      Golden Nugget Grand Poker Series


      Caesars Megastack

      12pm NLH Tournaments

      4pm Turbo NLH, PLO/08 Tournaments
    • joeldowey123
      Joined: 09.06.2010 Posts: 961
      wow, such a post Pleno!!!! good job sir!

      been myself and going back next year (2013), ill not add more than pleno cause its an awesome post, but you'll love it, so much action everywhere!
    • IngridN
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      We're also going next year! see you there! :)
    • joeldowey123
      Joined: 09.06.2010 Posts: 961
      when u headin ingrid? me and few mates are going for WSOP, might play one of the 1500 NLHE events just for fun haha! prob donk out on day 1, gonna stay in ARIA!
    • IngridN
      Joined: 02.03.2011 Posts: 12,162
      Yeah, we're going for the WSOP too, no concrete plans yet though. Depending on how long we're staying, we will either take a hotel room or rent a house I guess with few others.

      I also want to play a side event If i manage to afford it by then, I'm really looking forward to this. Pleno will play the main event I suppose. We should meet up, I think we will be a few coming so we'll gather all information by then and arrange a dinner or something. :)
    • joeldowey123
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      yeah that would be awesome, definitely keep me in the loop!

      I wont be able to afford from poker winnings but i will from real-life BR, its moer to say that ive played in WSOP i guess! dont expect to win! if i cash at all will be amazing! haha!

      I would love to rent a house out there for a month or two, would be sick, but im not a good enough player haha