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[NL2-NL10] NL10 6-handed A10s

    • Purity
      Joined: 28.01.2008 Posts: 399
      I don't seem to find it in the handhistory, but I'll describe how the situation was.
      ( Note : I was multi-tabling 4 tables at the time, and it happened I was on 3 tables with the same villain which I'm playing against in this hand. It occured to me he was quite an agressive player, nonetheless not over-agressive. No doubt he was a better player than your average NL10 villains ).

      Everybody folded to me ( CO ) and I was holding A :diamond: 10 :diamond:
      So I raised it 4xBB and I got 1 call behind me from the BB. ( We both have a normal stacksize around 100BB ).

      Flop : 4 :heart: 10 :heart: 2 :spade: ( Potsize : 0.85$ ).
      He's first to act and checks, I bet 0.65$. Then he raises it to 1.90$ and I call.

      Turn comes : 8 :club: ( Potsize : ~4.60$ ).
      Now he puts in a bet of 3.20$. Now he's representing a strong hand, a hand which should be better than my TPTK. Either he has hit a set or 2 pair or he is bluffing since he noticed I'm quite the agressive player myself and is convinced I'm not holding anything.

      I don't consider calling an option, if I call here I will be pot commited and so is he since both our stacks will be ~30% of the pot. And furthermore the river card wouldn't change anything so if I'm convinced I have the best hand I want to get my money in right now.

      So the question is here, do I believe him or not? If not I would push all-in and in the case I do believe him I fold.
      So many thoughts running through my mind of previous hands played with this villain, considering all the ways he could play his made-hand or bluff. Eventually I folded here since I'v made mistakes in the past losing entire stacks with TPTK.

      I guess the chance that I had the best hand here was maybe very likely, tho playing in a more conservative way and folding in difficult/risky situations seems the most profitable way to play at the low-limits. Hence why I folded on the river.

      Should I have played this hand differently ? For example : re-raising on the flop to find out if I've got the best hand or not. That seemed the best idea AFTER the hand to me, since I absolutely didnt expect such a big bet on the turn. So should I re-raise the next time on the flop when a similar situation occurs to a semi-better-than-average-agressive-player to see where I'm at in the hand ?
      Or is playing the way I played the most profitable way in the long-term on low-limits.

      Cheers, purity.
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    • TribunCaesar
      Joined: 29.04.2007 Posts: 13,264
      Hi Purity.

      You have 2 options, when we assume that you are ahead in most cases, which i think is true.
      1. call flop and raise any non scare card ( :heart: ) on the turn. When we expect Villain to be aggressive and loose this is an option, because he will often bet the turn again and our equity is even better against draws on the turn, if the don´t come in.
      2. reraise flop. This is th best to protect. The disadvantage of this play is, that Villain might fold a big part of his range.

      Against an aggressive and loose but not totally dumb player i prefer the first option. Against a pretty dumb fish i prefer option nr. 2.

      In both cases I go broke, if the opponent is a fish.

      Best regards,