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How far the game is ?

    • besniqkrasio
      Joined: 09.03.2009 Posts: 28
      It's a general discussion just've been curious how far the game is.

      What time of it's evolution it is.

      I don't really remember the time that I stacked somebody right of on the flop with my top when he held bottom or middle set except for the time it was a really low SPR may be under 2.
      They just smooth call.
      At some points I've just thought they simply don't hit a set because it's not every hand that it happens you are 1:8 to hit your set and it has to be top as well and even lower the percantage is your opponent to have a set too.
      So I considered they simply call on the draw however there has been cases where they showed down the river when called two streets with bottom or middle set.

      So I wonder : the fishes are gone ?
      The game has evoluted to it's next level where fewer and fewer people stack of with middle or bottom set or maybe even top two ?

      What's your oppinion on that ?

      However yesterday I watched a video PLO 50 short handed.
      Ooooo man these guys are really bad.
      And this is what the video was all about the trainer also said these guys are easy to play.

      Maybe I am playing with holdem players.
      I am not a holdem player but I do know they are thouht to slow play sets and just smooth call. Maybe that's the reason my top set never gets raised ?
      Is it ?
      Or maybe the players I play with are so passive and miss the agression factor
      and will alsmot never raise and are happy just calling (because "the pot is big enough" ) which is common for newbies.

      What's your opinion on all these questions about the evolution of the game ?
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