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    • northernplan
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      Hi Guys, although I have partaken in poker for a while I would say I am a beginner starting to learn.

      I see that various pieces of software are available and recommended. my question is Is thesoftware beneficial to new players or would you recommend just concentrating on the basics and developing strategy.

      If the answer is it isbeneficial which one would you recommend. I have read reviews and they all seem to offer different things which makes it difficult for new players to make the right decision and not waste their money.

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    • TiciBoy
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      Well, some sort of tracker is a must if you are serious.

      Holdem Manager 2 (you can't get 1 any more), PokerTracker 3&4, PS Elephant...
    • EuanM
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      Hey northernplan,

      Thanks for your post

      Tracking software is more or less essential for anyone who wants to take their game seriously, and as you may know, up until recently - PokerStrategy.com offered a free tracking software called "Elephant", this has now been discontinued with the launch of Hold 'em Manager 2

      You can get the small stakes version of Hold 'em Manger 2 for $59.99 at the moment.

      As an entry level player, studying the basics and developing your standard game which you take to the tables will get you relatively far into the micro-stakes, but there does come a point where to effectively tackle any leaks you may have, tracking software facilitates this beautifully.

      Before you decide if you want to buy some software, I recommend checking out the Videos our community has produced, which showcase Hold 'em Manager 2, and how it benefits users in the form of database reviews:

      Eight Videos to get started with

      Also we have the very amazing database doctor, "BogdanPS", who accepts submissions of users databases for the purposes of review.

      You can find his "Database Doctor" & "Status Surgeon" series HERE in the Video section.

      If you take a look at those Videos, you will have a good idea on how your own game could improve through database analysis. The most important factor for an effective analysis is to have a decent sample size, anything over 50k hands will give you a good idea, ideally 100k + for the most effective review, as such, for beginning players, the challenge is to get that sample size in the first place. As with anything, the most improvement you can gain will come from applying yourself to the subject, tracking software does serve as an essential tool however.

      I hope this information helps! Please let us know if we can advise your further somehow.

      All the best,