[NL2-NL10] NL10 6-handed AK

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      saw flop | saw showdown

      Button o0shiitt ($10.24)
      SB flipstaRR ($16.07)
      BB Nicko1as ($9.76)
      UTG AkiraCheza ($20.05)
      UTG+1 marboro9 ($10.52)
      CO Hero ($10.15)

      Preflop: Hero is in the CO with A :heart: K :club:
      1 fold, marboro9 raises to 0.40, Hero calls 0.40, 1 fold, flipstaRR calls 0.35, 1 fold.

      Flop (1.30) T :diamond: A :club: 6 :spade:
      flipstaRR checks, marboro9 bets 0.90, Hero calls 0.90, 1 fold.

      Turn (3.10) K :heart:
      marboro9 bets 2.50, Hero calls 2.50.

      River (8.10) 8 :club:
      marboro9 bets 6.72, Hero moves all-in for 6.35

      Should I have folded the river? Or raised a flop/turn bet ?

      Think I should have folded the river since there are much possibilties he could be holding. And if he goes all-in on the river I can't expect an AQ,AJ,KQ. I can only assume he hit his AAA,KKK or straight. But since I found it unlikely he had AA or KK since I had AK and there was another A and K on the board I called. Probably not the smartest thing since he could have had trips of 10,K,A or a straight.
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    • mishh06
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      raise to $1.20 pre and re-raise flop, shove turn.
    • Kaitz20
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      There might be some situations when calling pf with AK can be profitable, since player would fold AQ, AJ, AT if you 3-bet. But since I like to play aggressively I always 3-bet with AK.
      I like how you played your hand. No need to re-raise flop, turn and you shouldn´t fold river.
      He might shove with AJ, AQ.