KQ Bluff - Bad play

    • HennieP
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      Hi there. I just finished a $2 MTT Tournament in 9th position. Not a big payout ($15) but I'm happy with my achievement. I think I played my last hand bad though and would like some opinions. I'll just post a short description if you don't mind because I haven't figured out how to convert FullTilt hands yet.

      I was UTG+1 with a stack of about 32K. Blinds was 1K/2K. Now UTG was pot stealing with any 2 cards very often. He would raise with absolute garbage in almost every hand. I was waiting for a good hand to challenge him and when I got KQo I figured I'm gonna push back. He had about 56K chips. So he raise to 6K and I reraise to 12K. I was going all in here coz I figured he had nothing. Then the CO just flat calls. This was not part of the plan but what could I do. So UTG calls after a moment and we see the flop. Flop was 348. So I look at it and figure I have to push here if I have any chance of taking the pot. So I push all in. CO calls and show 77. UTG calls and show 34! I made the right read preflop but the skunk got lucky. Turn was a K and river another 4. :(

      In hindsight I realise I made this move way out of position. I think after 4 hours I just got tired of bullies. Lol
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    • p0kerQT
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      if you are goin to steal reraise then you should push all in straight away, but utg+1 isn't really a good position to do this, utg probably just called to try and bluff on the flop and got lucky. also you shouldn't really bluff a pot with 3 people in it, especially out of position. gj on ur final table finish though :)
    • chenny8888
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      actually, anything other than folding KQo is (very) wrong here.

      the chances that someone behind you in fullring wakes up with a monster (in this case hands that have you crushed: AQ+, QQ+) is simply too high, so i fold and wait for a better (or less bad) spot than this.

      minraising him is of course the worst though :P . just save yourself from getting into these horrible spots by not making these moves :P .