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What r the good stats in full ring for small stakes

    • sim5sim5
      Joined: 15.10.2011 Posts: 655
      Hello guys can some1 please through some light on about what should be a good stats on small stakes limit $ .5 /$1

      Please if some1 can help by putting stats with average to good % so newbie like me can learn few things out of it

      I would also like to know which r the good stats to be put on HUD and why ? as i dont want to make hud to confusing and only want that should be must for every1

      right now i have these numbers hands played 20k + :

      1. VPPS : 18
      2. PFR : 11
      3. AF : 1.9
      4. FOLD BB TO STEAL : 53
      5.FOLD SB TO STEAL : 84
      7. ATS : 33
      6. CBET ON FLOP/TURN/RIVER : 90/ 80/ 60
      7. FOLD TO CBET ON FLOP/TURN/RIVER : 18/46/41
      8. WTSD : 35
      9. $WWTSD : 54
      10. BB/100 : 1 /100
      11 3BET : 5.5

      I think my cbet is high which i need to look at and also my BB/100 is low where i need improvement

      please comment where all i need to look and also some other stats which r useful to fix our leaks please tell

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    • Avataren
      Joined: 28.04.2010 Posts: 1,745
      since i dont play full ring and actually only 10c/20c shorthanded i cant exactly tell you if those stats are fine. They just seem so tight to me :P (i run 35/25 aprox in sh) and my cbet is higher than 95% so what you have is low to me. even for full ring i think its low. Don't take my word on it. and it seems you only 3b with AA - TT AK - AJ ? do you iso raise at all ?

      regarding stats id recommend

      vpip / pfr / 3bet
      showdown / cbet / fold to cbet
      Turn cbet / fold to turn cbet / donk bet
      BTN raise / sb raise / fold bb to steal

      that is my own and i think it works quite well .. you dont need a lot more fancy stuff imo.

      gl and i hope some fr expert can help you better than i :)
    • datsmahname
      Joined: 23.11.2009 Posts: 1,366
      hey Sim,

      Off the top i'll mention a word of caution. these statistics are descriptive statistics. So basically when we talk about VPIP of 18% we aren't always talking about the same 18% of hands.

      That said lets look at your stats. My guess is that you might be playing at full ring. The first thing i notice is that the ratio betweein PFR and VPIP is quite large. You might be limping with some hands that should raise or folding hands that should raise.

      I also notice that your fold to turn and river c-bet are quite high. You may wish to post hands which describe the strongest hands you're folding vs a turn and river continuation bet.

      Your fold to flop c-bet is marginally on the low side, but given your tight hand ranges it probably means you have a profitable peel more of the time.

      Given your fold to turn/river c-bet its not surprising to see a WTSD of 35%. This is also going to be too low. Once again, look at the strongest hands/draws you are folding postflop and post them.

      Other areas suggest some small leaks but I would focus on these first.

      Your c-bet is not actually high. Flop c-bet could even be a tad higher but again the way to improve is to find hands and post them rather than simply increasing our flop c-bet frequency for its own sake.

      Also, think deeply about how we improve as poker players. Statistics like the ones we use in our HUD are not dials which we turn until they're placed just so. They are symptomatic. These statistics describe but they do not explain.

      Imagine re-building a car engine based solely on the heat it releases. That's what we're doing when we look at stats and decide to change our game. If an engine is over heating or dead cold these are symptoms of a problem. We still need to identify what the problem is and then we can work on a solution.
    • sim5sim5
      Joined: 15.10.2011 Posts: 655
      Thank you very much datsmahname

      i highly appreciate ur suggestion & will post hands to improve my game