Data Mining

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    • opal99
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      - it's not cheating because you're not getting advantage over the rest of players (you can play 60/0/0.2 and you will loose no matter the stats you have)

      - don't think it's unethical - why it should be?

      - and it's not any special weapon as everyone can use it / the question could be how many players can use it to improve their results...

      It's my 1st day of using SpadeEye and I'm really excited about it so don't try to change my mind! :D
    • salflip
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      I agree I don't think it's unethical either

      I just wanted other peoples opinions on the matter

      I'm gathering data as I type as a matter of fact :)
    • matkov
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      isn't it illegal on most platforms?
    • HennieP
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      It is unethical because you are gathering information on players whom you have never played against. This gives you a clear advantage because you will obviously go to tables where there are a lot of weak players where you know that you have the advantage. Also this software is prohibited by most sites so you risk having your account suspended. They do have means to check up on this.
    • salflip
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      you aren't allowed to record observed hands on a lot of sites

      however on the platform I'm playing on you can do whatever you want with the

      HH's in games that you've played in ie swap, sell, share
    • erob60
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      If its illegal on a particular site, then its both cheating and unethical, since not all players will use it.
    • salflip
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      IMO as long as your not breaking the t&c's it's ok

      I don't view it as cheating if everybody is allowed to do it
    • Cardbender
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      I didnt know there was software to do this tell me more!!!

      What do these programs fully do and how much of an advantage can one get? If its allowed at the site, that is.

      Makes me wonder what else is out there. 500 pts for elephant. :)