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    • SmoggieMan
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      Sup peep's..
      My name's Gav,26 aka SmoggieMan, i'm a bit of a newbie at this so not 2 sure what 2 put.....Nailed the test 2nd time round after about 3hr reading the articles lol. ive started in poker770 were ive won and lost a little but still hanging in there....1 thing i would like 2 ask tho, i came 6th out of 191 players in a daily $200 freeroll and won a seat at MPS madrid stage1 turbo but when ive tryed 2 get seated at these events it wont let me?? Its really confusing me lol like i said tho i'm new 2 this.....i would really welcome any help i could get thnx for taking ur time 2 read this and hello again :s_cool:
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    • support770
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      Hi Gav,

      The reason why you might not be able to submit your registration is because the tournament does not have the 'Registering' status.

      Another fact that you need to take into consideration is that you can only use the MPS Madrid Stg 1 Trb token for registering to the MPS Madrid Stage1 Trb R/A tournaments having the buy-in $11.

      In case you still cannot use your token, please contact the Poker770 Customer Support for further assistance.

      Good luck!

    • gadget51
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      Hey there Gav, welcome to our community!

      Congratualtions on passing the quiz, well done! :)
      So what game type are you going to play, MTT, SnGs, cash games perhaps?

      Tell us a little about yourself, we get very nosey here. Where are you from - and more importantly, is it nice and sunny there!

      If you have anymore questions just ask and we'll see what we can do for you.

      Meanwhile best regards and have fun,

    • pswyatt
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      Hey Gav,

      Welcome to our forum and community! :)

      Have you managed to use your token now?

      Best of luck!
    • RasTweet
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      Hey Gav!

      Welcome to the English community!

      Well done on passing the quiz! And it's good that you took the time to read the articles! The time you spend will pay off one day!

      Like Mal said before we are nosey so tell us a bit more about yourself! :f_biggrin:

      Were you able to sort out the ticket on 770poker after the support answered?

      Best of luck on the tables! And I'm looking forward to see more of you on the forum!

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      Hello guy who joined on the 17th may 2012 :f_p: