Joined quite awhile ago but just finally posting now

    • PokerOrifice
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      Some of you might recognize me on here already but if not, just look at some of the final tables & I'm sure you'll get familiar with me ;) (jk).

      Going to search around the site to check out what's on here.

      gl on the tables
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    • PokerOrifice
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      Trying to figure out if I used this site as my affiliate on a couple of sites (Poker770 & PartyPoker) & would like to know how I can find this out???

      Don't think I'm able to send pm's & have no clue how to find this info. out.

      Please help.

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      Hi there PokerOrifice,

      Welcome to our community! Where have you been all these years? :D

      I can tell you as your account is still basic that you haven't used us as an affiliate :(

      What games and limits do you play?

      Best regards,
    • pswyatt
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      Hey PokerOrifice,

      First of all welcome! :)

      As Gary mentioned, it doesn't look good for your tracking as you're still set to Basic and therefore not receiving StrategyPoints.

      However, the only way to confirm this for sure is to contact the poker rooms directly and ask them to confirm your tracking. Then send us a support ticket using the link below and let us know your nickanme / username so that we can check your profile:

      If you need any more information then just let us know.

      All the best,
    • RasTweet
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      Hey PokerOrifice!

      Welcome to the community!

      If you want to get tracked to us you can always find a new room to play on. From then on you will receive StrategyPoints (SP) and you will climb to a higher status. With a higher status you can access more articles, Video's, coachings and many more things!

      Check out all our poker rooms here

      If you aren't sure what room suits best for you then check out the following thread. It is dedicated to find the perfect room for you. Just go to the first post, read the instruction, reply and within a couple of days you'll know which rooms suits you best!
      Link: Choosing the right poker room for you

      If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!

      Best of luck on the tables