Post Flop and Pre Flop raising rules

    • darkpenance0
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      This is really a noob question but I am kinda confused about the actual laws of the game.

      I always thought that the minimum you can raise is double the size of the preceding bet

      so for example some guy raises to $10 you would have to raise to $20 minimum then the minimum he can reraise you is $40 etc etc.

      But on poker rooms like 888 and others if the blinds are 15/30 your BB, 2 guys limp in then the SB makes it 220 the minimum you should raise with is 440 right? But i looked and the minimum was 390!?!?!

      Where does this number come from? and is it different from Post Flop, Flop, Turn and River?

      I've also seen someone raise to 60 then get reraised 90 which is just a BB on top.

      Can someone explain to me the actual rules regarding this because I'm confused as hell.
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    • Tomaloc
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      size of previous raise.

      so if you're playing 5/10 and guy opens to 35, a minraise is 60 (he raised 10->35 = 25, and 35+25 = 60)

      i think that there was some place in that this "double preceding bet" thing applies though. maybe live play on france or something
    • Castle93
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      To raise , the rule is, you take their total bet + how much they raised and that is your minimum raise

      E.g the BB Is 20, I raise to 50, so the minimum raise would be my total bet (50) +the amount I've raise(30) as I've made it 30 MORE than the BB which is counted as a bet

      However post flop, as there is no BB if I bet 50, the
      Minimum raise is 50 (total bet) + 50 ( as I've made it 50 more) so it would be 100
      If then I wanted to re raise my minimum re raise would be 150, your total bet was 100 + you made it 50 more than my bet so 100+50=150

      Hope this helps
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      Thanks guys :)
    • darkpenance0
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      Yeah thanks this does help.

      I play a pub game every Thursday and there is always confusion about the minimum raise rules.

      So if i've got this right its the difference between the preceding bet and the total current bet?

      So blinds are 25/50, Guy raises to 100, the minimum I can reraise is 150? because the difference between the first bet and the next bet is 50 + 100 as the current bet = 150.

      If he raises to 100 then someone raises to 300 then minimum I can raise is 200 + 300 = 500??

      Is that right?
    • Castle93
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      yup you got it buddy :D thats it
    • RasTweet
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      You go tell those guys in pub whats right now darkpenance0! :s_evil:

      And then win all their money!

      Thanks for helping out guys!