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How to play against against a maniac IP ?

    • EnterG
      Joined: 26.01.2010 Posts: 632
      Hello all !

      I just had one awful poker night yesterday.When i was about to leave i was winning like 500BB.And suddenly one of my biggest victims sat in the table and he was on my right.I searched for him and find him in another table,i joined and was sitting on my right again ! How lucky !

      This guy has stats : 65% vpip/45% pfr/25% 3betpf/af about 5.
      His standard action is : bet pot flop and bet opt turn.About 80% of the cases.

      So i am playing in position in 2 tables.First hand all in i had AKo and lost from 1010 (pf all in ).Nevermind.So i start calling and reraising more to play only against him.It was like the 1st time that the odds was so against me.Really don't know.Whether he was the pf raiser or not he usually bet pot on flop and turn.

      I was like always behind.Every pot i was involved usually was going all in on the river.Many hands busted.No sets for a long time.No top pairs.Almost nothing.Maybe i shouldn't call so many flops with overcards or draws.But i was sure we were going all in until the river.So i guess implied odds are worth calling.

      This guy was calling all in flop even for gutshot.I think the luck was by his side yesterday.I ve never seen so many hands won by a player playing so bad.In about 2 hours time this guy lost his stack (after double-triple it) in one table but in the other he was winning like 800BB.Almost everyone was trying to get his stack but in the end he was losing it.I was one of them.In the end this guy lost it all but not by me.I ve lost by him about the 500BB i won and about 200BB from other players.

      I think that was a tilt situation (i haven't been on tilt for a log time now) , i am kinda improved of my poker mindset.But yesterday i think i was not.

      Maybe the best advice would be to stop about 200-300BB.But guys ... It 's like someone is trying to give you $$$.Would you get away ?

      One of my best clients became my boss for one night .
      But hey nevermind ... It's payback next time ...

      So how to play against a situation like this ?

      Thanks !
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    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      Hello EnterG,

      The only and very big mistake you made here is to tilt. When you are playing a bad aggressive player he will either lose his money very very fast or hit like a pro and stack everyone at the table for a while.

      You have to be aware of this and simply not care if you lose now because you know you are winning in long term and it's just a matter of time when the money actually gets to you.

      Picture each hand you get involved with him bringing you a percentage of his stack, regardless of how what happens. ;)

      Hope you recover from this and run better next time against this type of player.