Where can US resident play online poker?

    • Velenje
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      Hi everyone,

      I hope I'm posting in correct forum.
      Where can US resident play online poker.
      I'm actually EU citizen but I'm living and working in USA :-(
      I had some money at FTP and also a little at Pokerstars, and both are gone, my money (well was just a change) :-) and my internet play.

      Is there any internet poker site where I can play as US resident?
      Preferably site with freerolls lol I'm not sending any money any more.

      Thank you in advance,
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    • FVM8973
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      Try Cake Poker, they accept US residents;
    • MatejM47
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      Carbon, cake and bodog still accept US players, however afaik the games are really bad and nothing higher then 1/2 runs.
    • Velenje
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      FVM8973, thank you!

      Matej hvala in lep pozdrav v Maribor ;-)

      There is actually one more - PDC Poker - I think from Argentina? - it's ok, that's where I'm right now but I was hoping for something bigger, more populated.
    • XxMatadorExX
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      Try anything on the MERGE NETWORK is the biggest network for US right now! Also CAKE NETWORK..! Just search on Google, then you decide which skin you decide to play ! You can also play at Americas Card Room/True Poker which are from WINNING POKER NETWORK... also has a few other rooms in that network! And other networks around there, just type in google US POKER ROOM!

      But if i were you i would just wait another 5 days! Since in June 1st Lock Poker from "Merge Network" who represents 40% of MERGE TRAFFIC "Biggest US Network" is Buying the 2nd biggest network all of it CAKE NETWORK, and form a big and only site called REVOLUTION GAMING with very good offers and 36%rakeback flat etc! Sound greats, so do not create account on Lock Poker yet! So you get all the new customer offers that they are going to have, i read it was going to be some crazy irresistable offers!
    • Velenje
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      XxMatadorExX, thank you, plenty of info! :-) I haven't followed poker scene closely, good to know, thanks again!