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    • streamXQQ
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      So today i passed the quiz, i waned to recive 50$ bankroll to William Hill poker.
      So i uploaded scan of my passport, after few minutes i recived e-mail saying that there was problem with documents and they want me to sand other pic, what to do? all i can scan is my drivers license!, i realy dont have any utility bill that provides my adress.
      If the problem is adress maybe i can scan my confrimation letters from google AdSense, Moneybookers, or maybe Neteller + card?
      Thanks! :)
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    • ExternalUseOnly
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      Hi streamXQQ

      Thanks for joining us at :)

      Our security team like to make sure they give good thorough checks but if you are who you say you are i'm sure there is nothing to worry about.

      I don't know the ins and outs of the checks so i'm not sure what they will expect. You can contact the customer support team by sending them a "ticket" in which you can explain your case and circumstances and those guys will let you know if they can accept any of those things you mentioned. To send a ticket just follow this link:

      Customer support tickets

      Once you get a reply (which hopefully won't take long) you will notified on the homepage just underneath you status information. If i remember rightly you will be notified by email too that you have a ticket waiting :)

      Hope you get things sorted out soon and we see you around the place posting.

      All the best