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      Hi everyone, my name is Adil, I am 19 years old and from Canada. I am an aspiring magician and enjoy playing poker on my free time. I have had great success playing live poker and have turned $100 into nearly $8100 :) . I decided to get into poker because I love the psychology part of it as well as the thrill of moving all in preflop, out of position with 23o.

      When I'm not playing poker I enjoy playing basketball, reading books, traveling, and hanging with the crew :P

      I decided to join PokerStrategy because I wanted to further my game and the advice here is the only way to do so. I feel that interacting with others who share a common interest is a lot more valuable then reading books, in the long run.

      By now you guys are probably bored of reading my intro, so I'll leave it here.

      I look forward to meeting my fellow poker champs, :s_evil:
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