Future Decision

    • arjun2001
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      Okay so today was enough! I lost 11 dollars at 5NL. I win 2 bucks then lose 10 next day, then win 2 then lose 4, then win 10, then lost 20.

      Trying to improve a lot through posting hands and stuff, but I think my principles are wrong.

      I made a spreadsheet recording all my stats on two spreadsheets. SNG/Tourneys and Cash Table.


      I am Net Profit $47.84 (Exact Number after deducting rake and buy in)

      Cash Table(NL)

      Net Loss($34.60)

      Cash Table(FL)

      Net Profit($5.35)

      I always wanted to move up limits and play cash tables, but looking at my stats should I just stick to SNG and Tournaments. People here say that you need cash table skills to do good in SNG. Well that isn't the case here. I am clearly doing opposite at SNG than cash table.

      So what should I do? Continue to improve cash or just stick to SNG, and only SNG!
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    • ciRith
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      I have no clue about NL or SnGs but I know that they both have quiet a high variance (especially SnGs) so I wouldn't judge myself as hard as you do and just try playing on. Most important thing is to post hands (as you already do)and to improve your skill with reading articles and particpating in hand discussions.

      Maybe you just had bad luck with NL at the moment. GL. :)