Greetings from Serbia.

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      Hello everyone.

      I actually joined quite a while ago, but only now have I decided to post in the forum and introduce myself.I'm from Novi Sad, Serbia, but currently living in Italy, at least untill I finish my studies. I started with the PS 50$ starting capital, but lost it pretty fast, as I had no idea of BRM and poker, at that :) . I was a BE player on PokerStars up untill November 2011, when I started watching videos and reading articles about various formats. I also took some coaching, which was very helpfull. Finally, I started winning money in MTTs, but decided they were very swingy for me. So I switched to SNGs. I am currently a "regular" at 3.5$ 45 man SNGs, with a decent, but not great (yet:) ) ROI. My goal is to become a stedy MTTSNG mid-high stakes regular, which I know will require a lot of time and effort. On PS I hope to learn a lot, which I alredy did, as well as to have some fun. Sorry for the long post, the words just kept coming to me :D .

      Good luck, and see you at the forums :) .
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