hem2 stat definition

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    • netsrak
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      BTN 3bet success %
      SB 3bet success %
      BB 3bet success %
      3Bet BTN vs blinds
      .. They are in the 3Bet Section under Hud Options -> Displayed stats. The FAQ list is not updated yet

      im looking for a stats that will tell me how often villain will 3bet me if in in the CU or BTN

      example 1: hero CU vs 3bet from the BTN
      example 2: hero CU / BTN vs villain 3bet from the blinds
      See the Vs. 3bet section for this kind of stats.
    • Phgrinder
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      were you in a hurry in replying to my question? you just copy posted everything i said :(

      and i know where to find them, im looking for the stat definition >.< as stated in my first post
    • netsrak
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      Sorry, i thought you just couldn't find the stats :D
      The success stats give a percentage when the 3 bettor won the pot with his 3bet. Example: BTN 3bet success % - the button 3 bets and wins the pot with the given percentage

      Did my answer help for your 2nd question? You find the stats in the Vs. 3bet section.