[NL20-NL50] nl50 K9s

    • Mauzer77
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      NL Holdem $0.50(BB) Replayer
      SB ($172)
      BB ($53.46)
      UTG ($50)
      UTG+1 ($76.49)
      Hero ($50)
      BTN ($71.31)

      Dealt to Hero K:spade: 9:spade:

      fold, fold, Hero raises to $1.50, fold, SB calls $1.25, fold

      FLOP ($3.50) K:heart: 6:spade: 3:diamond:

      SB checks, Hero bets $2, SB folds

      Hero shows K:spade: 9:spade:

      Hero wins $3.27


      Villain 22/20 agressive reg

      This must be a 100% cbet against a good regular right? Although there is not much worse calling (only mid pp-s) he knows that I am cbetting here 100% so if I check back I am going to calldown 2 streets with a weak TP or JJ-QQ. So with cbet maybe I can get that small value from pp or maybe he is about to oop float.
      What to do against a c/r?

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    • Farmarchist
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      What is his f2cbet? If it is low for being a reg I'd still bet here.

      But normally I'm going to check this flop behind to get value from PP's later. But again, actually because he's a reg we do need to balance our range somewhat and if we check this hand here we should also check sets etc. And that seems good to me... Veriz?

      Vs ch/r it's probably a call for me there :)
    • veriz
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      Hello Cukk,

      Depends a lot on the villain here, if he is Check/Raise happy and more aggressive then I'd even Check behind for value -> trap him and maybe get called from weaker hands later on.

      About Check/Raising range it's also dependent either he is capable of Check/Raising for value with Kx hands or not, some opponents are, some at the same time just Check/Call with them. I'd for example very often Check/Raise those boards for value wiht something like AK/KQ and maybe even KJ dependent on the villain (hero in this case).

      Best Regards.