[NL20-NL50] [SH] NL50 KQo

    • BruceLee89
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      BB: $64.46 (128.9 bb)
      Hero (BTN): $120.12 (240.2 bb)
      SB: $74.35 (148.7 bb)

      Preflop: Hero is BTN with Q K
      Hero raises to $1.50, SB folds, BB calls $1

      Flop: ($3.25) Q 3 T (2 players)
      BB checks, Hero bets $2, BB raises to $6, Hero raises to $20, BB raises to $62.96, Hero calls $42.96

      Turn: ($129.17) 8 (2 players)
      River: ($129.17) 2 (2 players)

      $129.17 pot ($2.00 rake)
      Final Board: Q 3 T 8 2
      BB showed T Q and won $127.17 ($62.71 net)
      Hero showed Q K and lost (-$64.46 net)

      Villain is a 19/17, it's a reg of the nl50 and he doesn't believe me (few hands later he called me with TT on my 5bet) and he has a raise of 21% on the cbet. Using equilab and giving him this range 33,KQs,QTs,KcJc,Qc9c,Jc9c,KJo+,QTo,J9o I have the 54% equity so I think I've made the right decision but I'm not sure.
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    • Farmarchist
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      If he has such a high raisecbet% my plan is just to call the flopraise here and keep his range wide... By 3betting we let him fold his air and we don't get it in good
    • veriz
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      Hello BruceLee89,

      Rather keep his range wide on the flop than 3bet it, you will rarely see those guys going broke with just draws unless it's a very strong draw. You also kinda block the Q so it's even less likely him to have a combo draw.

      Unless of course you had super aggressive dynamics here and you assume him going to ship very loose.

      Best Regards.