Lobby issues anyone?

    • Spireite14
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      I've just played my first tournament on poker770, the $1000 GP Daily Dollar. I was regularly checking the lobby to see how the field was dropping as I was running with a relatively low stack and figured, as the lobby was showing up as about 200 players left (99 pay out), that I'd make a move with my pocket 9's. I ran into pocket Jacks and lost the hand. No beef, it runs like that sometimes and I was quite happy with my performance to say I'd never played on this site before.
      However, a few seconds after leaving the table I noticed that my funds had risen a little bit. Weird, I thought, seeing as I was a good 100 players from the money. It was still showing over 200 players but when I checked the payout structure, I'd creeped into 99th and got some monies. Has anyone else experienced this?

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