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5K+ GAMES,3%+roi in 5days prop bet

      Joined: 29.05.2012 Posts: 1
      Hi all i am ICANTSNG on pokerstars,

      Im looking to see what interest there is out there on a prop bet, the date is not set yet as i am currently moving houses in the next few days, im hoping to set the date ASAP

      The rules to the prop bet are pretty simple:
      I must play 5000+ games of fifty50s ( i do not need to stop at 5k games nor play till the 120th hour once 5k games is reached, that is up to myself if i wish to play past that point)
      This must be done so with in 5 days of starting (120hrs)
      The stakes must be 3.5s-7s
      The roi required will be 3% that is (roi of 3s + roi of 7s added then divded by 2) not total profit divided by games

      The odds im asking for are 3:1

      As i am a new user i would like people to mention the best ESCROW and JUDGES
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    • pleno1
      Joined: 19.11.2010 Posts: 5,596

      I would expect that initially you won't get alot of responses as you are a new member, basic user etc.

      Generally on the forum we try to keep prop bets to a minimum, however I think that this could be really interesting. I would suggest laying out your OP a little differently so that people could understand it a little bit easier. I really think this could potentially be a great challenge and I'd imagine this being very interesting to follow.

      This is how I'd propose to lay it out and present it.

      Title Prop Bet - Looking for X$ of action

      What is the bet

      Stated clearly exactly what the bet is and what needs to be done to win/lose

      Who am I

      Real name, proof to who you are, graphs of your sharkscope etc, and if at all possible some vouches

      Rules of the bet

      I've copied this from a similar thread



      Preamble: All disputes will be arbitrated by the judge selected for this prop bet. His goal will be to determine appropriate judgments based on the spirit of bet, over the minutiae of the language. I have every intention of following these rules as faithfully as possible and will abide by the official decision of the judge.

      1. This propbet is that I, phasE89, can play 24 000 games of Fifty50 SnG's on PokerStars in October, starting 1.10.2011 at 0:00 Central European Time (CET) and ending 31.10.2011 at 23:59 CET. Every tournament finished after 31.10.2011 23:59 CET will not count into the propbet.
      2. Odds are 3:1 in my favour.
      3. Only $15 stakes and higher will count into the propbet. I can play maximum of 3100 games on $15 stakes.
      4. The bet will be void if my account is banned because of poker legislation in the Czech Republic.
      5. The bet will be void if poker legislation in the Czech Republic means I am only able to play with players from the Czech Republic (similar to the situation with
      6. The bet will be void if PokerStars removes Fifty50 SnG's.
      7. The bet will be void if PokerStars reduces the maximum number of sit and go tables that can be played at once to 40 or lower tables.
      8. The bet will be void if there is a death to my mother, father, sister, brother or grandmother.
      9. Bettors cannot sit at my tables unless they are Fifty50 regulars. To avoid any confusion with this rule I will clearly state before the bet which bettors are not allowed to sit at my tables. Any bettor that breaks this rule will automatically lose their bet.
      10. Bettors must provide their PokerStars screen name to myself and the judge. Bettors screen names will not be made public.
      11. I will keep a live webcam stream open when playing in order to verify it is myself that is playing with the caveat that I will not be disqualified for accidental or technical problems with the webcam. If at any point my webcam or the host site stops working, any SnG's played will still count. Bettors will be given my phone number and can call me if this happens.
      12. If I cannot play because PokerStars is down, the downtime will be added onto the end of the bet. I must post in this thread if I cannot play because PokerStars is down. I will then get the time between my post and when I start playing again added to the end of the bet. This is at the judges discretion.
      13. Scheduled server restarts will not count into rule #12 only if total number of hours of scheduled restarts will be 12 or lower. Any downtime over 12 hours will be added onto the end of the bet.
      14. I must make a profit. If at the same moment I made a profit and I have played at least 24 000 games, I won this bet (e.g. if I have played 24 000 games with a $10 profit, then played some more games and have -$50 loss, I still won)

      If you want to start a new thread like this, then I can move this to quarantine and let that be the "live" thread, I'm sure your chances of getting action there increase.