Interesting hand, WWYD?

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        Overbet All-In
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        Raise to 2/3 Pot
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        Call for the obvious split pot
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    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      Going to post a hand which was quite interesting for me, while I was shamelessly grinding NL25SH to qualify for PokerStrategy's PacificPoker freeroll ( I think it brings up a rather weird special niche topic, which is why I have posted it in Discussion, rather than the NL50 hands. IMO there is only one correct move on the river here, can you guess what it is?

      6-handed 12c/25c PacificPoker

      Stack Sizes:

      UTG: $20.50
      MP: $24.74
      CO/Hero: $25.07
      BU: $24.69
      SB: $27.54
      BB: $33.46

      Hero is CO with A :heart: J :club:

      2 folds, Hero raises to $1
      BU calls $1
      SB calls $1
      BB calls $1

      Flop comes T :spade: K :diamond: 9 :club: (Pot $3.80)

      SB checks, BB checks, CO checks, BU checks

      Turn comes Q :heart: (Pot $3.80)

      SB bets $0.25, BB folds, Hero raises to $4, BU folds, SB calls $4

      River comes 7 :spade: (Pot $11.40)

      SB bets $0.25, Hero ($20.07 remaining) ??
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    • hova
      Joined: 09.11.2006 Posts: 3,677
      If he has what he is repping (nothing, 2nd-3rdpairish) he won't call a near potsized bet anyways. Thus i go for the overbet shove, because fish won't be folding any twopairs and o/c no set.
    • Amirapuato
      Joined: 08.07.2007 Posts: 1,105
      Easy:PUSH :D
    • HennieP
      Joined: 15.05.2008 Posts: 120
      Chances are he's not going to fight for that pot if he's only betting 0.25 into an $11 pot so just reraising won't do much good. Going all in might convince him you're trying to steal the pot and cause him to make a costly call. Don't bet on it though unless he's a real fish.
    • p0kerQT
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 1,300
      weird bets like that into such a big pot confuse me, I'd raise what I think they could possibly call without scaring them into folding so pushing isn't a good idea (unless like HennieP said theyre a real fish) I'd probably bet about $8-9 (2/3 of the pot)
    • sw0ldo
      Joined: 31.07.2007 Posts: 397
      I raise 3/4 pot. Doubtful he is gonna call an overbet push without the nuts/2nd nuts.
    • TribunCaesar
      Joined: 29.04.2007 Posts: 13,264
      Easy push imo
    • chenny8888
      Joined: 03.10.2007 Posts: 19,324
      in my opinion, this hand is about handranges, and trying to narrow your opponent's handrange down. this is quite hard because quite obviously our opponent is a donkey, but even so we have to give him credit for a hand here.

      his preflop call means nothing, at this limit it could well be any two cards.

      flop shows no information

      turn he donks out 1BB into a 16BB pot, and calls a potsize raise. i think we can narrow his range down here to a slowplayed set or 2 pair or a J.

      river he donks out again. if we put his range here on a slowplayed set, 2pair or a Jack, we can make the right decision. a set can never call any decent size bet, nor can 2pair, and a Jack is probably not folding to a push, so we should overbet all-in and hope for the best.