Titan Skinner

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      Translated from the original thread: http://de.pokerstrategy.com/forum/thread.php?threadid=206982

      The tool was created and developed by: DeathDraw

      You will need .NET 2.0 to run the titan-skinner

      Read me:

      It is a little bit tricky to skin TitanPoker. If you do not want to spend 25$ for iBOLIDE und are tired of copying the files by your own you can use this tool which will copy the files for you: the titan-skinner.

      *available layouts:

      -PokerStrategy [BIG THX 2 rayden5!]
      -Green Classic [BIG THX 2 rayden5!]
      -Easy Eyes Black [BIG THX 2 rayden5!]
      -iBOLIDE [BIG THX 2 Knight20!]
      -Classic [BIG THX 2 Knight20!]
      -Green Classic Mod [BIG THX 2 rayden5 + Knight20!]


      -Start the "Titan-Skinner v1 Setup.exe" and unzip the titan-skinner in a folder of your choice
      -Start the "Titan-Skinner.exe" and create a backup (the backup will be created in C:\Poker\Backup)
      -open the settings, choose a layout and select your folders (for instance: PokerStrategy, C:\Poker\Titan Poker, C:\Poker\Backup)
      start titan poker (either with the button or manual)

      (if you are using the english version of the client you will have to open a table and then close it first before you can skin titan)

      -click "Titan-Skinnen" and you should play with your selected skin now.


      -Backup: press the backup button to create a new backup
      -Settings: The settings contain the options of the layout and the directories

      For Links check DeathDraws post in this thread : Titan Skinner
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