• Spireite14
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      Alright, I'm annoyed at myself for this as I hate having to ask nooby questions, but sometimes I've just gotta deal.

      Where is the Timebank button on poker770? There is one, I've seen people use it, but I see no button on my HUD. I tend not to use them all that often anyway but it would be nice to have the option should I have a big decision to make or feel like wasting a bit of time so I can sneak into the cash or something.

      Preemptive cheers,

      (That's cheers as in 'thanks', not cheers as in 'whoohoo!')
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      Hi Spireite14,

      Unfortunately, I don't have any personal experience with the Poker770 software. So let's hope a kind member will pop in to assist us here :)

      You can always contact the poker room for any problems

      Poker770 Support

      Best wishes,

    • IngridN
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      Hi there Spireite,

      I play on Poker770 and I still have my time bank button. I just logged in to check options and even sat down a cash game table to see if I could change anything but no luck. The time table comes up only when you're running out of time actually. If that makes any sense.

      Hope this helps. :(