is working to improve the information we provide on our partner poker rooms. This time, we've improved our information structure for PKR and will explore why you should begin your grind there.

Whether or not you are interested in playing at PKR, why not take a look at our user guides and information to tell us what you want to see?

What's new?

An improved overview of PKR: our new information page makes it easy to see all the benefits of playing at PKR, including how to deposit and claim your bonus as well as how to download and install the software.

PKR: Information

PKR: Download Guide

What you get from playing at PKR: a combination of exclusive promotions all on top of PKR's own VIP system and 30% rakeback.

PKR: Promotions & Information

PKR rake analysis: a detailed rake analysis for PKR, making it easy to calculate how many hands you will have to play in order to benefit from our offers and rewards.

PKR: Rake Analysis

Start playing at PKR for free: one of our free money offers means that you don't even have to deposit in order to get started playing at PKR - build up a bankroll of 20,000 play money chips and receive a free $20!

PKR: Free $20 for Members

June 2: $10,000 Depositor Freeroll at PKR

• Name: PS Depositors Tournament
• Freeroll starts: June 10 at 15:00 GMT
• Registration starts: June 8 at 15:00 GMT
• Prize pool: $10,000
• Starting stack: 3,000 chips
• Blind levels: 10 minutes
• Deposit period: May 27 - June 10
• Tournament password: PS10

Forum: PKR $10,000 depositors freeroll on June 10

Read about and discuss PKR

If you want to find out more about PKR then these are the key pages you should visit:

• The PKR forum will answer any questions you may have.
• The PKR overview thread will give you all the information on our promotions and offers.
• The PKR download guide shows you how to create an account and claim your rewards.