[NL2-NL10] Two pair op flop vs agressieve speler

    • EliasCoenders
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      Villain is een agressieve speler die ik al een aantal keer heb zien doorbarrelen met air. Daarnaast is hij ook een calling station

      ***** Hand History for Game 11800536948 *****
      $4 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Saturday, June 02, 07:36:47 EDT 2012
      Table Keeran (Real Money)
      Seat 6 is the button
      Total number of players : 6/6
      Seat 4: Elianoo ( $9.19 USD )
      Seat 5: Razvan0903 ( $4.82 USD )
      Seat 2: bilbor73 ( $14.18 USD )
      Seat 1: payme302 ( $2.84 USD )
      Seat 3: realmeng ( $4 USD )
      Seat 6: zgorde ( $4 USD )
      payme302 posts small blind [$0.02 USD].
      bilbor73 posts big blind [$0.04 USD].
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to Elianoo [ Ks Tc ]
      realmeng folds
      Elianoo raises [$0.16 USD]
      Razvan0903 folds
      zgorde folds
      payme302 calls [$0.14 USD]
      bilbor73 calls [$0.12 USD]
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ Qd, Kc, Th ]
      payme302 checks
      bilbor73 bets [$0.46 USD]
      Elianoo raises [$1.80 USD]
      payme302 folds
      bilbor73 is all-In [$13.56 USD]
      Elianoo is all-In [$7.23 USD]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ Qh ]
      ** Dealing River ** [ 9d ]
      Elianoo shows [ Ks, Tc ]two pairs, Kings and Queens.
      bilbor73 shows [ Jd, 9c ]a straight, Nine to King.
      bilbor73 wins $4.99 USD from the side pot 1 with a straight, Nine to King.
      bilbor73 wins $17.62 USD from the main pot with a straight, Nine to King.

      Is deze hand overspeelt? Persoonlijk dacht ik dat hij een pair met een straightdraw of two lagere pair, misschien zelfs any jack zo zou spelen.

      Graag hoor ik jullie reacties
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    • veriz
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      Hello EliasCoenders,

      Welcome to the English NL Hand Evaluation Forum! Hopefully we will see more hands from you in the future. I hope that with our help you can improve your play and as well move up the limits. We will be waiting for the next hands and till that good luck on tables!

      By the way you have a wrong community, this is the ENG community. :P If you want to post hands here in the future please use English. Also would be nice if you converted hands, for more help here: link.

      Preflop: Raising already those hands from that position isn't always going to show huge profits, especially as we see you overplaying the hand hard time.

      As played
      Postflop: I don't really see how we can Raise/Broke here being so deep, he will rarely Call you off with a lot worse and could of course already be against AJ or whatsoever. Therefore if you even Raise which myself I wouldn't do cause we have to fold if we get raised I'd just Call and reevaluate the turn.

      Best Regards.