[NL2-NL10] NL5 Zoom AKs

    • hooley01
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      Worth calling? Villain complete unknown.
      Sorry about unusual formatting, can't get any hand converters to work.

      Hand Information
      PokerStars No Limit Zoom, 5NL (9 handed).

      Table Information
      Seat: 1 Player 1 ($5.94) Dealer
      Seat: 2 Player 2 ($3.69) Small Blind
      Seat: 3 Player 3 ($2.71) Big Blind
      Seat: 4 Player 4 ($4.91)
      Seat: 5 Hero ($5)
      Seat: 6 Player 6 ($6.04)
      Seat: 7 Player 7 ($3.34)
      Seat: 8 Player 8 ($9.63)
      Seat: 9 Player 9 ($2.28)
      Dealt to Hero

      Preflop (Pot:0.07)
      Player 4    FOLD
      Hero    RAISE $0.2
      Player 6    FOLD
      Player 7    FOLD
      Player 8    FOLD
      Player 9    FOLD
      Player 1    FOLD
      Player 2    CALL $0.18
      Player 3    CALL $0.15

      Flop(Pot: $0.6)
      :Ks:  :5d:  :Td:  

      Player 2    BET $3.3
      Player 3    FOLD
      Hero    CALL $3.3

      Turn(Pot: $7.2)
      :Ks:  :5d:  :Td:  :4c:  

      Player 2    ALL-IN
      Hero    CALL $0.19

      River(Pot: $7.58)
      :Ks:  :5d:  :Td:  :4c:  :3d:  

      Showdown: Player 2 SHOWS :7h: :Tc: Hero SHOWS :Ah: :Kh: Hero wins the pot: $7.58
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    • SneakyhanD
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      did he bet 3.3$ and left 0.19$ in his stack ? ;\

      Why not raise it to make it all-in on the flop ?

      I usually insta-mark people who bet like this even if I don't see their cards.

      I would call this crazy-bet , but interesting question comes up.

      Let's say, you call and you see AA/TT/AK/KK/ and you lose. would that affect your future decisions in such spots ?

      I'd like to hear judge opinion as well ; ) )
    • hooley01
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      Didn't realise at the time that he hadn't gone all in which is why I didn't RR him on the flop.

      Definitely got him marked now! No idea what he was trying to do but it's happened to me a few times and I'll usually fold TPTK if villain is unknown but as his stack was fairly small I decided to experiment.

      Not sure whether it's worth getting involved in these with TPTK against unknown. Would you have called sneakyhand?
    • Musematte
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      Interesting spot. I would have put him on a set and folded in this spot. Calling a raise that is 5.5 times bigger than the pot is just not profitable with TPTK.

      If you are sure that he is raising with a medium pair and other trash hands then you can consider to call.
    • hooley01
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      I think you're right musematte, would usually put him on a set but why donk bet $3.30 with a set? I've noticed a lot of people at nl2/5 donking with middle pairs. Either way, I think there's better spots than this to get it in.
    • veriz
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      Hello hooley01,

      Maybe just a misclick? :D But overall vs not a even a full stack I'd also go broke here. His play just doesn't make sense.

      Best Regards.