Achievable ROIs in turbo 6-max SNGs on Stars?

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    • faarcyde
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      All depends on number of tables. If you are playing optimally within your skill limit I would say:

      Low stakes: 7-8 percent
      Mid stakes: 6-7 percent
      High stakes: 4-6 percent
    • Flashman1849
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      Thanks for your reply (and for your videos too, by the way - always helpful and entertaining), as this information will help me decide which tournament format to concentrate on.

      What prompted me to ask is that based on a limited sample (of 168 games) it seems that the frequency of all-in showdowns, and the consequent variance, is much higher than in the non-turbos, for levels up to $30 of which I've always managed to obtain a good positive ROI in under a hundred games - while on the turbo six-mans I'm still break-even at 0.3%. (And the higher frequency of "flips" seems to frustrate me a little more.)

      Having said that, even assuming a true ROI of 7.5% there seems to be about a 25% chance of obtaining results at least this bad over such a small sample. Back to the grind...