General Thread, What is more profitable game in PStars ?

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      Hello guys, this is just a general thread/discussion.

      What do you think the most profitable game nowadays in PokerStars ? or other poker rooms for certain limits.

      In my case I'd like to hear some thoughts about the micro(fishyme :D ) stakes, considering rake%, how bad/hard the field in the game, turbos/reg(for sngs), 6max/FR (cash) or just anything that comes up in your mind.

      I visit some sites/forums and hear different opinions, some say that Regspeed stt's is the easiest way to go, because of the rake in cg's.

      For me - it seems if you study husngs it's the best way to go up the limits.
      Personally I mix cg's and husngs, CG's when I feel like putting a big volume of hands and play nitty ( h3h ) and husngs when I feel like I'm up for 1tabling heads-up play.

      I know the best is to play what you like - I like everything ! :D
      What I am best at ? Dunno, seems like I'm bit more experienced in CG's than SnG's but it's no bigdeal to put the time into learning something else.

      -------- Thoughts Fellas ? ------------
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